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Born and raised near Duesseldorf, Germany, I studied architecture and art history in Florence, Italy. 

Thereafter, I joined my father's construction business and earned my master's credentials in parquet & wood technique.


Art of the Swing

Simultaneously my mum's expertise in figure pottery and painting influenced me to persue my own artistic interests through painting sports figures. 

​A concern for the environment led me to team up with a leading Bavarian solar company, Sungarant.  

All along I continued to follow my passion. My 'ART OF SPORTS' was inspired by the Rinascimento.

One of my favourite works compared the proportions of DaVinci's Vitruvian Man with the perfection of Tiger Wood's golf swing.

My other paintings have celebrated the sports of soccer, tennis, boxing and golf.

Muhamad Ali, Serena Williams, Steph Curry, Michael Phelbs, etc personally signed their portraits.

These can be reviewed at 


In 2014 I started a new project in India called Veraji Countdowns. All proceeds from here and my sports art go to a hospital that performs eye surgery and provides free education in their school. For the children there I turned my persona into an avatar. Please visit (foundation / charity) for more information.

Thank you,

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