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"It all started with Tiger´s powerswing in the late 90s.

Wow, what a swing!

Impressed by his perfection I did thousands of golf swing sketches. Some of them resulted in oil paintings, some remained ideas on and off paper. At one point I thought I could compare Tiger´s proportions and anatomy to another case study. One that was done by Da Vinci during the Renaissance era. So, in 2008, I applied the Vitruvian Man´s exact  proportions on Tiger, put them next to each other and called it "ART OF THE SWING" (yes, many have copied my idea since then).

The circle made perfect sense as it is a symbol of infinity and perfection. Something all golfers are trying to achieve.

The circle then became a theme in my art for many years. 

Later I applied the same swing analysis on other PGA players. Yes, Martin Kaymer´s and Bubba´s swings are also beautiful. Thos and many other´s I painted aswell.

But... I must admit: Tiger´s old power swing is still my favourite golf swing.

On canvas and on the course.

Yes, all of my oil paintings were sold -  available are high quality prints of my art. And only in limited edition, numbered and signed my me! Nothing else!

I am very happy to get a lot of feedback from golf clubs, players, hotels from all over the world who put up my art. The prints look super stylish in passepartout and when put next to each other. For some reason most people comment on 'Downswing' and '1.5' and the Masters edition.

My favourite is still The Art Of The Swing."

Art Of The Swing
Art of the Swing by Veramaria
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