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Poker Face
Hommage à W. Swierzy

Oil on Wood

120 x 100 cm

About this painting:

In January 2012. Raj, a poker player and good friend of mine told me about a painting called poker face by Waldemar Swierzy. I googled the painting and fell in love with the idea immediately.

I wanted to paint it. The Mona Lisa has always been on my list of paintings that I wanted to copy. Leonardo is my hero so it only took me one day of preparation and I started copying the Swierzy picture. I used stronger colours and painted it "bigger". I think I also made her slimmer. Anyway, painting the poker table was most fun. On the back of the cards I wrote "Raj". I painted it in oil on a black wooden and curved box. So it is almost a 3-dimensional painting. The painting was finished after two days. While painting I imagined that Raj would put it in his poker room with dimmed light so the black background and the green poker table give an interesting touch.

Making of:

Poster by Waldemar Swierzy
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