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Prices / Comissions

Prices are based on your idea of your portrait, per painted Person, background and personal preferences. Therefore a precise offer can not be published here.

Please contact me for further information.

Please note:

I do not paint "small portraits".

All my paintings have a minimum size of 100x100cm and prices start at Eur 1000,- each.

The prices of my paintings depend on scope and degree of difficulty of the person(s) and/or objects you wish to have a painting of.

More difficult are e.g. paintings, especially wall paintings (frescos), with a detailed background or full body portraits including hands, flowers, toys, animals, cars, sports accessories, etc and more details in the background.


Please note that I use your photos and videos only as guidance. I do not copy a photo and I do not paint in a style that you could print with the help of e.g. photoshop.

I do not sell my sketches.

I do not offer pastells, water colours or aquarells.


The buyer pays for my travel expenses and for the shipment of the painting(s).


For more legal information, please go here.



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